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Dr. Russell and the staff at Pacific oral surgery were all so kind and comforting. Having major anxiety over surgery let alone the dentist, they made me feel as comfortable as I could be and gave very clear instructions for care which made everything easy to follow.

A week and a half later and I’m almost fully healed and following their instructions and guidance I had a pretty speedy and minimally painful recovery. I was referred by some clients of mine and will definitely pass on the message to others who are in their need.- Camille E.

I am a dental professional who received care at Pacific Oral surgery. They are knowledgeable and kind in their care. I would recommend them for any aspect of oral surgery or implants.

Dr. Russell performed the procedures for me, but my family members, friends, and patients have received care from all three of these good men. I never hesitate to refer patients to them. Any of the three will treat you extremely well.- Terry I.

Dr. Humble saw my father for an appointment today for an extraction, he was very gentle and quick! He made sure my dad felt comfortable and had a good understanding of the procedure.

I would highly recommend Pacific Oral Surgeons for any extractions or implant needs! THANK YOU to his warm staff for seeing him same day! -Carlynn M.

I have had numerous dental procedures during my 76 years but I have never been as impressed with any of them as I was 2 days ago when I saw Dr. Russell. This I know for sure: should I ever need the services of a dental surgeon again I will not consider using anyone except Dr. Russell.

He was so clear in his explanation of “what-and-why” I needed the procedure was so clear that I had no problem in understanding it. The procedure went precisely as Dr. Russell said it would, the outcome was perfect, and although this may seem odd – I actually enjoyed my time spent at the Pacific Oral Surgery office.– Frances B.

The staff at Pacific Oral surgery are so great and do amazing work. I Got my tooth pulled just today and Dr. Humble and his assistant Kathy were amazing! I hadn’t realized he had pulled my tooth, until they began to clean up! I will definitely be back to get an Implant to replace the tooth they pulled! He pulled my wisdom teeth when I was 18 as well! I Wouldn’t go anywhere else!– Simone E.

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